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January 2004


Please note that that the Environmental Careers Organization is accepting applications from interested organizations for the ECO/EPA 2004 Community Intern Program (CIP). We encourage you to apply, and to also share this information with any nonprofit organizations you think might benefit from this unique opportunity. In 2004, 40 community organizations will be selected to receive a student intern from ECO, through the generous funding of the EPA Office of Environmental Justice. The interns will receive a $450 per week stipend, plus $500 for relocation or project travel, and will travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in ECO's annual Environmental Career Conference.

The Community Intern Program allows non-profit grassroots organizations, like yours, to build their capacity while mentoring the next generation of environmental leaders. For your convenience, I have attached a PDF with the Application and Project Description form. The deadline to apply is January 30, 2004. The application and additional program information can be found on our website at: The site also has information for students interested in becoming CIP interns. FYI: The Community Intern Program is for local, grassroots, non-profit, community organizations only. Tribal and local governments, colleges, universities, or other educational institutions are not eligible to apply.

The Office of Environmental Justice created the Community Intern Program in 2000 to provide student internships with nonprofit organizations across the country. Since the program was created, more than 100 students diverse have experienced environmental issues at a grassroots level through EJ projects including health education; air and water quality monitoring; urban reforestation; recycling programs; and other community outreach and advocacy activities. ECO administers the Community Intern Program internships along with other internships under our cooperative agreements with EPA.

Thanks for helping us spread the word about this important program. Please contact ECO program coordinator Maria Torres at or 617/426-4783, x141 if you have any questions about the program or application process.

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